The Original Discography

Catalog No. Band Name Title Year of Release

Number of copies pressed

QX001-7 The Giant Mums "Eyedropper"
7" EP
1992 500
QX002-7 Lid "Ivy"
7" EP
1992 500
QX003-7 Airlines "Steady Goes" b/w "No. 2" 1992 500
QX004-7 The Giant Mums "My Uncle Hates Me" b/w "Tractor Feed" 1993 1,000
QX005-7 Lid "Coney Island" b/w "Fast is Slow" 1993 1,000
QX006-10 Bugskull "False Alarm" 10" EP 1993 1,000
QX007-7 Airlines "Talking About Talking" b/w "10,000 Days" 1993 1,000
QX008-7 Halcion "Of Biology of No Importance"
b/w "Squelch"
1994 1,000
QX009-10 Swimmer "Whippings" b/w "Boxes"
maxi 10" single
1994 1,500
QX010-CD The Giant Mums s/t CD 1994 1,000
QX011-CD Airlines s/t CD 1994 1,000
QX012-7 Kenny Young
and the Eggplants
"Eddie's Apartment"
b/w "Randolph Got a Haircut"
1994 1,000
QX013-7 18th Dye "Coffee Cup Revisited" b/w "Dive" 1994 1,000
QX014-CD Jowe Head "Bobit Juice" n/a  
QX015-7 Jupiteria n/a n/a  
QX016-7 Lid "Crow" EP n/a 1,000

Please note that QX014-CD, the Jowe Head album titled "Bobit Juice," and QX015-7, the Jupiteria EP, were never manufactured due to lack of funds. Sorry. The Jupiteria EP was eventually released on Dalmation Records, and Jowe also finally released portions of Bobit Juice recently. The Lid "Crow" EP (QX016-7) was pressed but never distributed. 

Copies of these recordings pop up for sale every now and then--check out MusicMatch & Ebay, for example. A few copies are for sale through online record shops; again, MusicMatch is a good source for these, and doing a google search will find them too.

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