annie get yer gun!

Airlines, "Talking About Talking" b/w "10,000 Days"

Original Catalog Number QX007-7. Recorded at Excello Studios, Brooklyn. Engineered by Chad Swanberg.

Press Clips:

Chairs Missing (#mr. suit, October 1993, Scott Munroe)
"Why am I reminded of Crispy Ambulance meeting Velocity Girl halfway when I hear this band? Two very brooding songs. Sort of what you'd hear in your head if you were intensely reading a textbook at the New York Public Library. How's that for a comparison?"  

Second Skin (#6 Winter 1994, Alyssa Isenstein)
"Another fine single by Airlines. I've decided that Airlines would be a great band to write theme songs for merry-go-rounds... If this was a just world, Airlines would be a lot bigger than they are because they have released several top-notch singles, and this one is the best yet."

ND (#18 Spring 1994, Daniel Plunkett) "'Talking' is fairly direct pop riff and '10,000 Days' is a charmer which seems to dance around some old Eno song in my head. Quite nice and worth checking out for you that like intelligent and thoughtful guitar pop."

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