Quixotic Records is now in archival mode.

The old days of indie labels are gone forever, replaced by the even more fragmented world of the internet. As you recall, Quixotic Records ceased manufacturing records by 1996, and one year later the company was packed up and moved out of the East Village altogether. The dusty boxes of old records and tapes and files found their way to a barn in a small town in New Hampshire, in the region known locally as the "Upper Valley". There they sat until recently, when the team of researchers began to crack them open and go through the contents. What they found was astonishing: a wealth of unreleased music, unpublished photos, memorabilia, correspondence, journals...

Starting in the year 2000, the old quixotic website, www.quixoticrecords.net, was set up to release recordings via MP3 files, including quite a few that had not been previously released. Unfortunately, the problem of bandwidth reared its ugly head and eventually that site shut down. This Tripod site was established as a replacement, although without streaming music.

Also, check out our current project, the The Upper Valley Psychedelic Continuum

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