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The Giant Mums, "My Uncle Hates Me" b/w "Tractor Feed"

Original catalog number QX004-7. Recorded at Fun City, NYC, by Wharton Tiers. "Tractor Feed" was recorded on September 7, 1991. "My Uncle Hates Me" was recorded on February 1, 1992.

Press Clips:

NET (#7 November 1993, Jamie Mowder)
"The Giant Mums sound, if anything, is a very restless mix, shifting from tense guitar layered over hyperactive drumming, to spacey and cerebral interludes with an acoustic feel, to the brooding psychedelia of the B-side's 'Tractor Feed'. All in all, this is in keeping with the brand of unusual, well-made and eclectic music that we've been seeing from Quixotic these days."

Alternative Press (#69 4-94, Dave Segal)
"The a-side has a long instrumental opening that recalls the coiled power of Mission of Burma and guitar tonalities of Daydream Nation Sonic Youth. This abruptly changes to a pretty pastoral passage worthy of Meat Puppet's Up On the Sun. The whole thing climaxes with an over-driven fuzzed-out groove you could wind-surf in....they know much about the algebra of noise, melody and dynamics."

Melody Maker ( 3-19-94, Michael Bonner)
" unruly slice of punk distinguished by some inventive guitar playing."

You Could Do Worse (#1 Summer 1994, Mark Lo)
"The A-side has tight drum rolls and scratchy guitars amidst an overall murky sound. Then there's a folky, lackadaisical verse, before the tune revs up once again, culminating in a call-and-response shout, 'My uncle hates me/Who cares!' The flip is slow, droney pop that might be forgettable were it not for some excellent guitar work reminiscent of Karl Precola's with early Dream Syndicate, and, again, some scant but well-placed vocals. The Mums are approaching something good. The upcoming album should tell us whether they got there or not."

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