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Airlines, "Steady Goes" b/w "No. 2"

Recorded at Excello Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Engineered by Chad Swanberg.

Press Clips:

"Dueling guitars give the song crazy rhythms and cool melodies, while hazy, double-tracked vocals and bubbly bass put the power in this pop.  Easily absorbed into the memory, but elusive enough to require multiple listens."

Second Skin (#4 Fall 1992, Alyssa Isenstein)
"'Steady Goes' is a neat little song that dances like kids around a maypole. 'No.2' sounds sort of like Talking Heads might sound if they were a really good indie rock band. This single is a great document of another splendid band that dares to call New York City home."

Outlet (Spring of 1993, Trev Faull)
"This quartet features John Tanzer from , and it's a real snake driving getting into top gear with its dual guitar interplay. This is a super whiz of a 45."   

Baby Sue (#12 Spring 1993, Don W. Seven)
"This, the third single from Airlines, is a pure pop delight. 'Steady Goes' (the A side and my favorite) features a myriad of electric guitars that will have your head reeling and a happy little tune that'll have your toes tapping."  

Your Flesh (#27 Summer 1993, David Sprague)
"John Neilson's Joy Division-meets-the Astronauts 'Steady Goes' has several legs up on the annoyingly mannered Another Green World crib contributed by Tanzer, but the atmosphere--at once more dank and less hermetic than previous outings--finally gives non-Gothamites a hint as to the Airlines' not-inconsiderable live charm..."   

College Music Journal (November 11, 1992, Deborah Orr)
"'Steady Goes' combines cotton-mouthed, Sebadoh-y vocals with busily swirling guitars and simple, insistent riff, whirring cheerily in mid-air like a little hummingbird. 'No.2' is even sweeter, its rhythm stuttering and halting while the guitar plinks hopefully."  

Rockpool ( 12/01/92, Mike Lee)
"'Steady Goes' is an infectious 60s British psychedelic-influenced rocker replete with spooky vocals and stiff guitar play. The B-side, 'No.2' (still got that Wire fixation, eh?) has more of a pop sensibility than the former, and again has that driving rhythm guitar. Speaking of which, both sides succeed at being good driving songs. It's just too bad I don't own a car."

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