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1810 Sound... the netlabel for the Upper Valley Psychedelic Continuum.

It is also the name of the mobile sound recording technology used by the bands and individual artists that are an integral part of the Continuum. It was founded in 1997 as a sort of imprint of the indie label Quixotic Records NYC by the seven members of "Together Market". They were the first band to make the journey from the "Island of Many Hills" to the "Upper Valley" after the dissolution of all things Quixotic.

Upon their arrival in the rural uplands the band discovered a hidden yet vibrant local musical culture (they were not the first to flee the city); they set up their makeshift recording gear in an old farmhouse and hit the “record” button. Eventually Together Market split up, but new bands were formed and found their way to the living room studio (or the studio sometimes would find them). The result of the last 20 (!) years is reels and reels of tape of genteel psychedelic folk rock & odd experimental recordings, careful selections of which have been made available as free music files. We don't produce plastic discs, we record and distribute free music through the cloud.

This page is just one example of the free distribution tools 1810 Sound has used over the years.

Currently, we are using Soundcloud to host our music. Our page has a large collection of our most recent recordings and classic tracks which are being added to on an ongoing basis. Stream them, it's all free:

We also use Twitter as a news feed, to announce uploads of new tracks and other goings on:

1810 Sound is a production of Quixotic Records NYC.

Copyright (c) 1997-2017 UVPC

Last Update: October 15, 2017